Restaurant Yelp Reviews from Crest at Las Colinas Apartments

Restaurant Yelp Reviews from Crest at Las Colinas Apartments

Some restaurants near your Crest at Las Colinas Apartments are known for food, others for drinks, and still others for their incredible atmosphere. But the five restaurants we’re discussing today have made their mark by combining all three crucial elements in one eatery. Since we like to think of ourselves as the luxury apartments in Irving that go above and beyond, we wanted to save you some time by checking out these restaurants’ Yelp reviews ourselves.

Chicken Scratch

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Jon D. talked about the outdoor decor:

“The majority of the seating outdoors. It was very festive. They had lights strung across the outdoors like vines, they had a stage built of wood pallets for live entertainment, and old plastic storage tanks that were used as different color lights up on posts.“

Kallista S. raved about the food:

“All of the food was AMAZING. The bone-in chicken and chicken fingers were perfectly crispy, and that Oregano & Vinegar Honey… out of this world! The blue cheese sprinkled over the buffalo wings was obviously fresh, and became super creamy as in melted over the wings.”

Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House

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Samuel L. thinks this is the best beer bar in town:

“This place is amazing. Great food, cool atmosphere and great beer selection. Staff is phenomenal as well. Place is edgy, earthy and casual but still classy. Food was fresh and the beer a great mix of local beers and regional craft beers. Love this place.”

Mili K. says it’s a great place for nature loving vegetarians:

I like the vibe of this place and love that it’s close to the arboretum. It’s a nice lunch spot after a morning after the arboretum. Veggie burger patty was delicious and can get it on any of the burgers!  I got the shroom with veggie patty, a fried egg, and avocado-amazing! So flavorful.”

Meddlesome Moth

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Steven K. was a big fan of the dessert:

For dessert we split the pumpkin cheesecake and maple bacon ice cream. Both were smooth in texture and rich in flavor.”

Christine L. recommends sitting at the bar if the restaurant is busy:

“The environment was fun, but could also be great for a date night. We came at a busy time so decided to sit at the bar and the bartenders were super friendly and had great recs for food and drinks. Really kept us entertained throughout the night.”


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Remedy did a fantastic job with the decor, according to Christine L.

Great color scheme, great little vintage soda-fountain touches…from the striped straws to the chandeliers, Remedy has every decorative detail exactly right. “

Meghan G thinks Remedy can be your go-to spot no matter the occasion

“Welp.  The search is over, folks.  I have finally found the perfect spot for a date night, girl talk, a drink after work with coworkers, and/or all of the above.  “

Victor Tangos

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Ananya K. was delighted with the always reliable Macaroni & Cheese

We went with the Mac and cheese and the vegetarian flatbread. I usually have to add pepper or hot sauce or something to my Mac and cheese to make it more flavorful but the Mac and cheese here was perfect.”

Jalyn S. says you better plan ahead before going to Victor Tangos

He made a reservation, which I was so grateful for because the place got packed very quickly. I’ve since tried to return twice on a Friday and Saturday night with no reservation and the wait time was 2 1/2 hours.”

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